The Truth About my Son
Now that you've met my son, please consider sharing and donating to impact his life and so many others like him.
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)

    • Derpyotter Playzz
      Derpyotter Playzz

      His so cute

    • Kayley Kitty Paws UwU
      Kayley Kitty Paws UwU


    • Vyctrr

      Sure do ;)

    • 42mavsbball

      Heart warming Mrs mark rober, your son is a very happy kid and I hope it stays that way. Also you should make the envelopes merch and donate the money to color the spectrum

    • Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee
      Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee

      bye 👋

  • Joshua Rafols
    Joshua Rafols


  • jason master 10
    jason master 10

    My brother has autisum so. What you all said mad my day thank you

  • Boss_B Gaming
    Boss_B Gaming

    It is really sad that Mark has to worry about his son just because he is autistic and it makes me realise how bad some communities key word being some are really toxic about people with special needs

  • nate parker
    nate parker

    Thank you for sharing this great video

  • emma

    there’s so much wrong with this video…


      What’s wrong with it

  • Lee Mall
    Lee Mall

    This is beautiful. Thank you.

  • maddox kuo
    maddox kuo

    i feel sad ima burst into tears

  • Bobbi Madrid
    Bobbi Madrid

    Tell ur son that autism is not a disability but a different ability

  • Sami Hall
    Sami Hall

    I definitely support cause I know what its like to have an autistic family member my brother

  • HQ Gaming
    HQ Gaming


  • Annalise Adams
    Annalise Adams

    my brother is autistic

  • martifingers

    I know another person who makes the world a better place and whom we are lucky to have... seems his initials are MR.

  • Slime Games Development
    Slime Games Development

    Reply if you are autistic (I didn’t mean in a bad way)

    • Slime Games Development
      Slime Games Development

      Me (ik it’s a self reply but I’m autistic) I’ll shut up now…

  • Bernice Middleton
    Bernice Middleton

    This video is super important and I’m glad that he put it out because these people aren’t nobodies there indescribably amazing people.

  • John Schmidt
    John Schmidt

    Beautiful. Thank you for posting this Mark! Big hugs.

  • person

    your son look beautiful and cis beautiful inside as well

  • night mare
    night mare

    0:36 I really hope he was joking

  • Julian Drew
    Julian Drew

    My power is harassment! :D

  • BaconBob

    Mark thank you for being willing to explain and educate other’s about autism. As a someone who has social autism. I thank you . CHEERS 🥂 to spreading awesomeness/ knowledge.

  • Steven Campbell
    Steven Campbell

    This is such a lovely video. Thank you and your wife for sharing your son with us. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Horse_Lover8292

    Your such a great Dad!

  • David Parsons
    David Parsons

    My brother has autism because of that bullies everyday like believe him and it's unnecessary and I feel the same way and I can come some crying about these boys it's just very heartbreaking and so it's very sad for my Princess Di in like that but also when he's around all of us and tell him that he's strong and he's always going to be we're always going to be there for him he always feels better and just because of my little brother is different doesn't mean I don't want to stop loving him just because people are different doesn't mean you can't stop being their friend stop doing that and it's just it's just life

  • Danger Dude
    Danger Dude

    I have sported your son in a video

  • rein Elizalde
    rein Elizalde

    This video is so touching. You can see how much he love his son.

  • bloosnow

    The autistic buddy whom I ran and guide has similar talent too. He can remember all countries’ flags and recognize them straight away. Amazing and respecting them.

  • Rocking Boy6
    Rocking Boy6

    I'm sorry I can't donate but the best I could do is to type this message Autism isn't a disability it's a different ability.

  • XyanKiller

    "They are giants living among us mere mortals." That was just beautiful

  • Boiled_Bork

    Yes he is so great I love him he is so nice and cool

    • Boiled_Bork

      If I could I would donate money but just know that he can grow up to be a great person

  • Leilani Hall
    Leilani Hall

    If anything they are so much better then us

  • liam carlin
    liam carlin

    +- my older brother has very high levels of autism and I defiantly know how it is to have a little sidekick to help you on the journey

  • The popcorn camel
    The popcorn camel

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing I think it’s like a super power

  • UwU

    this is why mark rober is the best he is the nicest person i have even seen.

  • shadow ninja
    shadow ninja

    So wait is mark Rober saying that your an awful person if you do not have autism?

  • Cheri M
    Cheri M

  • Gabriel D.
    Gabriel D.

    Why dont you dedicate your brilliant mind to identifying the CAUSE of autism? hmmm myeah because big pharma wont let you.

  • WarrenPlayzz Gamer squad
    WarrenPlayzz Gamer squad

    Not to be a jerk but……. His friend had a pretty cool special ability with the numbers, but coloring in a page and writing a note on the back I really wouldn’t count as a special ability. (Sorry for sound like a bully)

  • Felipe Velasquez
    Felipe Velasquez

    as a person in the autism spectrum trying to go to college and seeing how much my parents struggled to raise me i got to say, this was heartwarming :)

  • Goyangi

    I have autism too :)

  • Carrie UvU
    Carrie UvU

    I don't think I have autism but I have sensory overloads

  • A Cater
    A Cater

    I'm crying I been your vs sench the first video

    • Pebble WR
      Pebble WR


    • promr marbles
      promr marbles


  • osama hail
    osama hail

    OMG your son is a happiness maker. I wouldn't say he has a special needs because he makes everyone feel special and you should feel lucky to have him

  • ShadeWolf2201

    Aww bless him 🥺

  • Legend Rising
    Legend Rising

    Most seem people think that autism is a one track type of condition, it is not. It affects each person differently, some have hypersensitivity issues, others have issues being around people. Among countless other affects it can have. My brother has it, and the way it affects him has basically turned him into a P.O.S., though its also made him better at gaming and math a bit. But the other symptoms are a fuster cluck.

  • Coolbro 1066
    Coolbro 1066

    I have never thought about people with autism, but this is a great thing to think about. Sure, they won’t do anything ground breaking, but anyone can do something meaningful

    • Storm Rogers
      Storm Rogers

      a lot of autistic people have done groundbreaking things...they aren't any less capable of success then neurotypicals

  • Zach Dearinger
    Zach Dearinger

    We used this for school

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    As an autistic kid, I feel this video. Once I found out, I didn’t want to tell anyone about it for ages because I thought I’d get bullied. But then I found it was okay and it made me better as a person having it. So, thank you for sharing this.

  • Milton Garlick
    Milton Garlick

    You and your son are Awesome. I am in my 50's and grew up with a brother with special needs. People were less tolerant and understanding when we were children. I love watching your videos and will love them even more now. Please know that you are having an impact on people in more ways than you intended or even realize. Thank you for sharing part of you and your life. Your light shines brightly keep on doing what you are doing!!!!!!!!

  • Djedi Fdue
    Djedi Fdue

    00:28 yes


    Your son sounds like a awesome kid and you are so lucky to have him as your son.

  • Jeff Mullins
    Jeff Mullins

    Beautiful video and family.

  • Ayesha Nadeeshan
    Ayesha Nadeeshan

    Mark the "Awesome"

  • Oliver Metzger
    Oliver Metzger

    also 3 mil for autistic ppl but like 1,000 ppl for police that keep us safe, not to be mean but come on ppl do better. like they see what autistic ppl go thru but they dont see wut cops have to go thru.

  • Oliver Metzger
    Oliver Metzger

    i feel so bad for the fathers of autistic kids like they will never get married and have kids so if there an only child there family ends there.

    • Storm Rogers
      Storm Rogers

      wow, you know nothing about anything huh?

    • Rebecca Jones
      Rebecca Jones

      What? You realize there are a ton of married autistic people and that have children. Why do you feel bad for the parents too? A parent t shouldn't have kids expecting grandkids or their child to have a spouse, whether their kid be neuro-typical or not.

  • Matthew Conroy-Hood
    Matthew Conroy-Hood

    My brother has autism so I know how it feels like one day my brother came home with a massive bruise on his leg because kids at school threw stones at him. So I know how it feels respect for you to make awareness.

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones

    Go watch paige layle's reaction to this, a lot of terrible things were said here.

  • NguyenNgocThao Nguyen
    NguyenNgocThao Nguyen

    The wealthy plasterboard generally bare because puma experimentally rely a a scandalous september. complete, thoughtful answer

  • Camie Moore
    Camie Moore

    If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your kid, don’t. That is your decision to make.

  • ericsolojedi

    All kids r special in their own a parent i understand being protective

  • dillon turner
    dillon turner

    I've got to say that was pretty tight.

  • Lucy Jenkins
    Lucy Jenkins

    the santa guy just really made me tear up


    I teared up

  • Ghost of Yiyang
    Ghost of Yiyang

    Mark did put his son in his egg drop video. BTW his son is kinda cool.

  • Kyle G.
    Kyle G.

    Quite literally cried watching this. So precious

  • Matěj Kopecký
    Matěj Kopecký

    Mark you are truly a legend and inspiration for all of us!

    • Game Play
      Game Play

      28 min

  • Potato Girl
    Potato Girl

    This is so sweet ❤

    • Game Play
      Game Play

      42 min

  • Rachel Guieb
    Rachel Guieb

    I can’t believe you would say you’re son won’t do great things besides make others happy. Tons of autistics like me succeed or excel and school and beyond and don’t just exist to be inspiration for neurotypicals grateful to not be “afflicted” with the same type of brain as me.

  • lauren

    mark this video is atrocious. your son might be able to do any of those things you mentioned. but he won’t if he sees you saying that he can’t.

  • Nicolas Rammos
    Nicolas Rammos

    I donated $300

  • katbox1980

    Thank you for sharing your son with us.

  • Eddie Smith
    Eddie Smith

    This was an amazing video. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Robert Batchelor
    Robert Batchelor

    im also autistic and i literally do pretty much everything he is doing and everyone thinks i have some kind of superpower... 😵‍💫

  • Dakota Horne
    Dakota Horne


  • Colin Hawley
    Colin Hawley

    I dont have autism but i have adhd and axnity so i can feel why people dont like people with mental health problems

  • Hat Lock Productions
    Hat Lock Productions

    I really am happy that you have a familly and i hope your son can live a happy life and won't get bullied in his life i hope.

  • HedwigsHalo

    Go watch Paige Layle's reaction to this! There are a lot of gross statements in this..

    • Rebecca Jones
      Rebecca Jones

      That's what I came here to say. This video was awful to watch.

  • Mikey Skelly
    Mikey Skelly

    I think your extremely brave to show your son an share your story especially on the Internet

  • Maeve

    It is currently 5:58 am I have gotten no sleep and I am in tears

  • Kira McLeod
    Kira McLeod

    Hey if you’re watching you should also watch paige layle’s reaction! :)

  • WLM29 Studios
    WLM29 Studios

    I haven’t even started the video yet, and I am going crazy

    • WLM29 Studios
      WLM29 Studios


    • WLM29 Studios
      WLM29 Studios


  • Mr.DUMBDUMBDUMB - The DumbLand
    Mr.DUMBDUMBDUMB - The DumbLand

    My gosh, your son is Great, you and your wife did a wonderful job with raising him, and even explaining special needs. He’s success without a doubt, he is such. Wish I had a son like you. Thanks for reading!

  • Terry Glassman
    Terry Glassman

    Sharing this with someone who will benefit is exactly what I intend to do! This video warmed my ❤️! His laugh and smile brightened my soul! Thank you for sharing!

  • Alexis K
    Alexis K

    As someone with autism this literally made me cry tysm

  • garry Sweet
    garry Sweet

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  • Emmie Rose
    Emmie Rose

    everyone should be watching paige layle's reaction to this.

  • Wild Destroyer
    Wild Destroyer

    Hope your kid can get to do all of his dreams

  • Soheb Shaikh
    Soheb Shaikh

    Every person on earth should watch this

  • imYenGuy

    W DAD

  • Kristi Hrynkiw
    Kristi Hrynkiw

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  • Fall Rys
    Fall Rys

    I am Autistic like your son and i love to interact with people and make them laugh

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel

    So many tears! Such a great learning experience!

  • Ced Ed
    Ced Ed

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  • Christine Eichelberger
    Christine Eichelberger

    This video is did a wonderful job talking about your son and others with special needs.

  • Nick Koiter
    Nick Koiter

    As someone with Aspergers i was wondering what drove you to drop a career most of us can only dream off, and this is a very solid answer. while it is hard for many kids to have their parents away from home for extended periods of time, the aerospace life just has massive peaks in hours where your kid wouldn't get why dad isn't around for whatever he is experiencing in his life. I don't know if this was the reason, or if it was part of your reason to quit, but your need for finding puzzles and answers for yourself is far from fulfilled, so its clear that you made a huge sacrifice to be around him as much as you can and I applaud you for taking that step and being there for him.

  • Brando Vasquez
    Brando Vasquez

    I think your son would be the best friend anyone can have because he cares for others and he seem nice hopes he lives the best life.

  • Alucus

    Different doesen't mean bad, it just means different. He seems like such a sweet kid with a lovely personality and if he keeps that as he gets older, he will have a wonderful future ahead of him.

  • Jordan Cole
    Jordan Cole

    stay strong and he will be a smart person like you and thats following your footsteps :)

  • Graig Dung
    Graig Dung

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  • RRDC

    He is such a beautiful child 😍😍

  • Jean Imparato
    Jean Imparato